"True innovation, by capable people."

Our goal is to change the landscape of patent creation and patent trading. 

StockIdea is ultimately a trading platform, where creators can trade the future of their idea in fragments. These fragments of ownership to the idea can be exchanged with either investments of capital or input of labor into the project. The core of StockIdea is to allow the Creators of ideas have control over their intellectual property. Instead of resulting to the two ends of either open-sourcing or self-funding, StockIdea provides a middle ground for innovators to take risk and gain realistic feedback through monitoring support level from the community. The video below should give more clarification.

The project in once sentence:

"A freelance platform that encourages transparent collaboration to crowd-source intellectual properties and allow users to receive loyalties from the patents generated."

Thesis project: StockIdea

There are stockphotos that creates cash-flows for creators, then why not awesome ideas? In a world of ever increasing publicity and transparency, idea sharing has been associated with violation of copyright. But the creation of patents were meant to reward innovators, not hinder them with paperwork and burdens of lawsuits. Thus the creation of StockIdea, uniting qualified individuals to promote real innovation.

Client: OCAD U, Alexander Manu, Angelika Seeschaaf Veres, Koby Barhad

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Research phase

Background Research

There is not point solving a problem only I imagine to exist. So a throughout research of the patent industry was carried out. In this phase a road map is drawn to identify a few problems that patent applicants may be confronted with. The colored arrows indicates the possible routes that ideators may take during development of a new product. The small triangle on each stage shows the emotional status of the user. 

Persona creation


User Journey map of an innovator

This is a typical 5E road map of a user using StockIdea as a service. The map shows how StockIdea acts as a trial run for ideas regardless of how promising an idea is.

This graph is an illustration indicating different routes of how ideas progresses through time

Orange, dark green and purple

This set of lines shows quick initiation and some form of initial investment that gives the product a boost. This can be an indication of hiring a patent lawyer and making investment on assets. Then the line diverges into two directions.
The orange line shows a hasty rush to the market and was terminated by some form of incident, this may be the cause of a prior art search (a search for repetition in the existed patent pool) that found repetition, shortage of money, poor market expectation or depletion of resources.

Then it’s the dark green line that contrasts from the orange line. The initial investment was successful, and the idea withstood the test of the real market. The line then trends upward indicating growth. This is where the line splits once more. The second half of the green line shows the possibility of an infringement from the international market or the strike from a patent troll. The first may lead to a direct downfall of the idea, and the second possibility will either slow the growth of the project or kill it altogether.

The purple line is the best optimal outcome where the company gains traction to skyrocket. This is usually caused by a quick domination of the market, an acquisition by larger companies or large investments that leads to rapid growth.

Yellow and light green

This set of lines shows the safe route of doing proper research and not investing immediately. The yellow route shows an idea being dropped after a bad market reaction. In this scenario time is spent, but there is no true return so the value of the idea drops to zero. While the green route shows the idea having good feedback from the market, there is no repetition and no competition. The invention slowly develops into a product and the value increases. This is another one of the best case scenarios in this map.


StockIdea are the blue lines that tries to eliminate the worst case scenarios: the three lines that dips to the bottom creating a lost.


The top blue line is the main growth model that StockIdea recommends. The shortage of funding and resources usually occurs in the early stages of development, and that is the period which is crucial for growth. StockIdea fills this gap with profits that would be generated from the future. StockIdea allows the patent owner to hire much needed professional workforce that believes in the future of the idea, without paying upfront. This gives the owner more options on what to spend the hard earned investment on, before entering the market respond stage. This growth model ensures a supportive team that believes in the idea’s future (or else they would not participate in the first place). Also, even if the idea does not pass the market reaction, not too much is spent and the project has the opportunity to wait for a better opportunity to reenter.


The second blue line that extends from the dark green rapid growth line is an alternative route that StockIdea offers. Instead of spending all the resources on growing exponentially, StockIdea offers a slower model of growth where the risk that comes with growing is diverged onto a large group of people.

Brand Identity

If you are interested in developing this idea further, please contact me.

Project in motion

The project right now is preparing for a seed pitch, therefore many details of the project could not be revealed. The following is the project development that began with the the decision to design something for the designers. Below is a demo of the app. It may not fit all screen types, for a better experience use the link above to demo on another page.

Designers are Answers
- Howeson Lu-

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