"Comfortable when I am uncomfortable, uncomfortable when I am too comfortable"

The Project in one sentence:

Creating a furniture set concept that describes the target client, Farzad Sadeghi : suspicious, shape-shifting,


This is a conceptual project that was created for a friend, Farzad. Using design language, the illuminus furniture set aims to reproduce the state of mind that the client is always in. The furniture set consists of a center piece that lights up and rotates slowly mimicking the illuminati symbol of the pyramid and the eye. the support

The whole tower can be reassembled into a set of floor sofa plus coffee table. The light pyramid can be mounted on the table for lighting.


Oct.15 2015


OCADU, Farzad Sadeghi

Project outcome

The whole project took 1 week to complete. The 1:5 model was built with baltic birch plywood in the matters of three days. During which me and the client had numerous conversations on how he is as a person, and what aesthetics would describe him the best. I then decided that describing personality though color and lines would be too shallow of a take on this project. So instead of focusing on the exterior design of the furniture, I focused on the interaction and behaviour of a furniture in a space.

The shape-shifting element of the furniture set describes the clients inner battle in finding who he is. He described himself as always on the move, and settling on something bugs him. This finally led to the idea of creating a transformable furniture. So the edges of the design were left sharp, and the original cushion (the triangular block that is hidden inside the assembly) was tweaked to be one size too small so sitting in the sofa would be uncomfortable.

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