IKEA digital twin: [Klokt] and · Vänta·

"wise men meets the watcher"

The Project in one sentence:

"A paired trigger and power kit that would make all IKEA products a tad smarter"

Imagine if IKEA were to go into the IOT sector with what they had right now. What would be something that matched their company image of being competitive-priced, simple to use and mix-and-match?


Date: 03/01/2017

Design brief

Create a smart object for IKEA.


I thought designing one single "smart" object similar to Google dot or Amazon Alexa would be unreasonable, since IKEA have no technological advantage. So I designed a wall plug (KLOCKT) that can be paired with a series of activators (VANTA).

For example a proximity activator paired with the original KLOKT would mean turning something on if some place is passed. This can be paired many ways to create a wide system of interactions that users can explore. And once the system becomes more mature, and customers are adapted to the system, the system can become inbuilt.

IKEA digital twin: [Klokt] and · Vänta·

"wise men meets the watcher"

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- Howeson Lu-

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