High 5 Button

"Yes, No and all the in-betweens"

The Project in one sentence:

A Binary choice strap-to-hand rechargeable recordable button that is meant to aid teachers in educating students who have a developmental and /or physical disability. 

Project Beverly

In this Design for Health course, we had an opportunity to collaborate with the Beveley School and designed a non-stigmatized solution for children with special needs and disabilities.

Client: OCADU, Beverly School


Teachers spends a lot of time asking students to make a choice. And developing the ability of making a choice is very important at the early stage of language-learning.


A rechargeable,recordable and easy to use binary button that builds on a familiar response at Beverly school : 

A High-5. 

The adjustable strap and the positioning of the essential buttons allows teachers to complete the full action of: recording a voice, muting the button with one hand.

Project brief

This is a OCADU Design for health project. In collaboration with The Beverly school of Toronto, this project is created to help the students and the teachers of the school.

This Binary button allows students in need of special care to fully communicate yes or no through pressing a haptics button that is stimulating. It is designed to be worn by the teachers all the time if they wish (by flipping it on the back of their hands) to carry the student.

It can be easily changed to a head button, and it minimizes unfamiliarity by including a record and play function. It is rechargeable and lightweight for everyday use at home or at school, creating a smooth system that can be transitioned between school and home.

Research phase

1. Online research to familiarize ourselves with autism and SPD.

2. Prepared questions for the trip to Beverly School

3. Initial interaction with teachers and students

4. Identifying pain-points for caregivers and also the students of everyday life.

5. Create basic persona from observation and feedback from each classroom in the form of a questionnaire shown below.

Design Brief


Prototypes and editions

Story board of the video on the beginning of the page

Final Presentation

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